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Aardman’s beloved Shaun the Sheep featured in overnight accommodations at Swedish park

The world’s first overnight accommodation concept with Shaun the Sheep will be inaugurated in Skånes Djurpark in June of this year. A completely unique experience has been designed in collaboration with the Oscar-winning animation studio Aardman. The feeling from the popular TV series will permeate the five specially built overnight accommodations.

With this new investment, Skånes Djurpark offers roughly 170 beds per night this summer. In addition to Shaun’s Wagons, there are 17 lodges in Wild Lodge and Hillside. In addition, the park offers the glamping experience Camp Oak, with overnight stays in large family tents.

“Living in Shaun’s Wagons is much more than accommodation and by far the most exciting new addition to the park in several years. Staying here is a complete experience for the whole family, where guests can experience the rural environment as well as Nordic wilderness for 36 hours and play with Shaun, his friends and greet all the other animals in the park,” says Skånes Djurpark CEO Glenn André Viste Bøe.

“Shaun the Sheep Land” (Fåret Shaun Land) was inaugurated in 2016 and is a 20,000-square-meter ( 215,000-square-foot) area with an agricultural market where you meet the world of Shaun the Sheep. In the area there is a market and a tractor track of over 250 meters (820 feet) where children themselves can drive around with tractors to chase the herd of sheep and avoid the mischievous pigs. And then, of course, there are a number of special Nordic species such as Gotland rabbits, Skåne Blommehens chickens, Jämtland goats, Linderöd pigs and Värmland forest sheep.

Shaun’s Wagons are purpose-built wagons for comfortable and adventurous overnight stays close to animals and nature. The area will feature four specially built standard wagons sleeping five, and a premium wagon with space for six. Each wagon has its own toilet, living room, kitchenette and custom-designed bunk beds in the style of Bitzer’s famous doghouse. A separate bedroom allows the parents to retreat. And just outside the wagon, a refreshing outdoor shower completes the facilities. In the wagons, guests can sleep in comfortable beds and wake up to the crowing of the rooster. Freshly laid eggs and buns are delivered in the morning to mini henhouses at the end of the wagons and so breakfast can be enjoyed on your own private patio. After breakfast there will be morning gymnastics with Shaun, and subsequently guests will help prepare the farm’s tractors for the day’s work.

Both breakfast and dinner are included in the overnight packages, and in the evening when the park has closed, overnight guests can help feed the animals and then relax and watch an outdoor movie. What will certainly arouse some excitement is the herd of Värmland sheep that roam freely between the wagons.

“Shaun the Sheep Land” is a collaboration between Skåne Djurpark and the British company Aardman, the company behind the popular animated films about Shaun the Sheep, and Wallace and Gromit, among others.

“The development of themed accommodation at Fåret Shaun Land at Skånes Djurpark is fantastically exciting as the next step in our partnership with the attraction. The interiors and the detailed theming in the Wagons have been specially designed to evoke the experience of visiting Shaun and the Farmers’ home on Mossy Bottom Farm in England. We can’t wait for the arrival of the Wagons at the park,” says Ngaio Harding-Hill, Head of Attractions & Live Experiences at Aardman.

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