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Issue #51 – Museums 2014

Issue #51 – Museums 2014

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project profile: future energy chicago: MSI Chicago delivers powerhouse exhibit featuring interactive gaming• by Martin Palicki
immersive sound: recreating fully realistic environments requires advanced sound technology • interview with Charlie Morrow
fly over Canada: Rick Rothschild and the next generation of immersive attractions • by Joe Kleiman
one on one: Doug Roberts: worldwide telescope, microsoft research • interview by Patrick McPike
big data: how can information and personalization help your institution? • interview with Kathleen Cohen
rearranging the closet: decoding the LGBT exhibit space • by Michael Lesperance
the language of fulldomeby Dan Neafus
Jeri in the sky with diamonds: Jeri Panek’s lifetime of achievement • by Judith Rubin
boundless possibilities: InPark peeks under the dome, and we like what we see!• by Joe Kleiman
project profile: SM Tianjin Science Discovery Center by Matthew Dawson
migrating butterflies: navigating eight cinematic exhibition platforms• by Joe Kleiman