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Issue 60 – IAAPA Attractions Expo 2015

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Issue 60 Editorials

Sneak Peek

“Trends in Design” with Shawn McCoy • by Kimberly Rily

ISAAC takes control

Smart Monkeys brings enterprise level systems to themed entertainment • by Karla Grant

Because it’s Crayola

New brand experiences color outside the lines – actively • by David Paul Green

The built and the virtual become one

VR and projection mapping alter rides, parks and experiences • by Joe Kleiman

Fusing waterslides with art

Polin’s new waterslide product supports design and theming in new ways • by Martin Palicki

The Network

The era of non-proprietary AV and show control systems • by Maris J. Ensing

The Hunger Games

AV interactive technology immerses visitors into The Hunger Games: The Exhibition

Temporary park, permanent fun

Inflatable slides set to bring new thrills to a pop-up park • by Martin Palicki

Three is a magic number

Walker, Haimson and Emerick bring a new strategy to Dynamic Attractions • by Martin Palicki & Judith Rubin

First impressions

The future of queue management • by Kevin Dazey

A well-oiled process

Media producer Don MacBain tapped by JRA for museum project• by Joe Kleiman and Judith Rubin

Storytelling in experiential design

Q & A with Daryl LeBlanc, AIA – Associate Principal, VOA Associates, Inc.

Up North, right downtown

Inside Detroit’s Outdoor Adventure Center • by Martin Palicki

From cranes to cobras

The Producers Group brings collaborative power to theme park projects • by Judith Rubin

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