Sunday, April 18, 2021

Issue 57: International 2015

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Issue 57 Editorials

East + West = Success

The Producers Group helps build Asia’s great new theme parks and visitor attractions • by Judith Rubin

Go “Glocal” on Your Next Project

The “Glocal” (Global + Local) way to do business • by Norman J. Kahn

Asia Discovers Digistar

Evans & Sutherland serves Asian markets with unique dome projection • by Joe Kleiman

The Goddard Files

From Cirque to China, the Goddard Group keeps on going • by Judith Rubin & Martin Palicki

Fountain of Dreams

A waterfall spectacular lights up the night in Wuyishan • by Martin Palicki

Content and Context

VOA takes storytelling expertise to Asia• by Jonathan F. Douglas

Asia Parks Snapshot

Key players and projects in the expanding Asian leisure markets • by Janice Li, Edward Shaw and Christian Aaen

One System to Run it All

FUNA’s integrated audio system for Chimelong Ocean Kingdom brings autonomy to world’s longest theme park parade route • by Joe Kleiman

Kaka’s Great Adventure

Chimelong Ocean Kingdom unveils huge new 5D theater • by Rebecca Lam

Sliding into Asia

A photo journey through Asia’s new waterpark attractions

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