Thursday, April 22, 2021

Issue 59: Zoos, Aquariums and Waterparks 2015

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Issue 59 Editorials

Growing green

Gilroy Gardens rolls out new educational attractions • by Christine Kerr

Bringing animals to light

Lighting for aquaria and zoos • by Patrick Gallegos

Waterparks: what does the future hold?

Predictions for the market • by Monty Lunde

The rising tide of waterpark attendance

Trends show continued global growth • by Brian Sands

Good design habitats

Designing to celebrate and protect animals • by Jeremy Railton

Hot in Cleveland (and other zoo exhibits)

Letting animals swim, soak and splash • by Judith Rubin

The road to blue world

SeaWorld San Antonio evolves and expands • by Joe Kleiman

Attraction hybridization

What Jurassic World teaches us about zoos • by Stacey Ludlum and Eileen Hill

Changing the waterpark game

Slideboarding brings gaming technology to waterslides • by Martin Palicki

Ocean Park Hong Kong

Enhancing the conservation message through experience • by Martin Palicki

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