Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Issue #62: International 2016

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EDITORIAL: Exist through retail • Martin Palicki
EDITORIAL: Tourists and culture from India begin to have an impact • Joe Kleiman
Flying high, part 1      准备启航

The development and media of flying theaters • by Joe Kleiman

Flying high, part 2      飞行影院的承载系统

The ride systems of flying theaters• by Kevin Dazey

The hot seat: Alex Calle

Design legend Jeremy Railton’s company has a new CEO • interview by members of the EDC team

Mixed realities

Holovis explores virtual reality, augmented reality and the practical reality of making it all work • by Stuart Hetherington

Bollywood Action

India’s crowd-pleasing IP for theme park attractions • by Judith Rubin

Land of the Lions

Creating the unexpected at London Zoo’s Land of the Lions • interview by Martin Palicki

Travel bug: Japan

Japan’s strong tourist markets, inbound / outbound • by Kristie Wong

Waterparks thrive where it’s hot

Three leading waterpark suppliers provide useful insights on the latest global market trends • interviews by Martin Palicki

Higher education

Themed entertainment becomes a degree program • by Matt Kent

A themed entertainment point of view

PGAV – 50 years young and still evolving • by Al Cross

The tower of power

ECA2 creates Lake of Illusions multimedia tower for OCT’s Happy Valley theme park in Shanghai

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