Saturday, April 10, 2021

#68 Going Global: Technology on the International Stage

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Issue 68 Editorials

Heavy Metal Vekoma roller coaster products make tracks around the world • interview by Martin Palicki

Update on Asia International IP development trends across Asia, from ECA’s perspective• by Edward Shaw & Christian Aaen

Real time and immersive Holovis story time for the attractions industry • by Emily Burrows

Meeting up for a day in the park Season pass holders enjoy parks in their own special ways • by Dr. Edwin N. Torres & Dr. Marissa Orlowski

Connected Solutions Panasonic targets theme park and leisure markets with new company division • by Martin Palicki

Inside the TEA Summit + Theas A photo essay containing highlights from TEA’s 2017 event • by Martin Palicki

Devouring with the eyes iconpath’s new dining experience debuts at AAE• interview by Martin Palicki

Around the world with The Producers Group A global company in an increasingly global market • by Judith Rubin

Behind the headsets A look at Six Flags’ expanding on-ride VR program • by Joe Kleiman

8,000-pixel resolution Specialty cinema reaches for E&S True8K• by Joe Kleiman and Judith Rubin

Greening Great America The history of California’s Great America and its path to sustainability • by Joe Kleiman

CalArts: Dreamers and Doers CalArts is part of Walt Disney’s remarkable legacy • by Rick West

Exploring 120fps Christie explains what the technology means for the attractions industry • by Judith Rubin

Pirates, treasure & Luc Imagineer Luc Mayrand on Shanghai Disneyland’s Pirates attraction • by Martin Palicki

A dark ride primer Alterface looks at the evolution of dark rides • by Anja D’Hondt

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